Feb 22, 2011

Island 3: FIJI!

Technically, this consists of several islands but let's overlook that tiny little detail. This is somewhere that everyone should see at some point in their life. It is truly paradise. I can't remember the name of the island that we were on but the resort was called Botaira, and it was perfect. There is a breathtaking coral reef directly off of the beach where you can easily float through sans flippers and chill in the middle of large schools of fish above deep blue seastars.  The resort itself has beautiful bungalows for couples and families, although I personally stayed in a dorm style building because our group was so large. There is also kayaks available for use at all times to see more of the island coast. The workers in the resort are amazing and some of the most friendly people ever (except possibly the Irish). The resort has no clock in it so you learn to relax and just enjoy yourself dudring the long days. To announce when they serve meals the would beat a drum and everyone would congregate. They most often served fresh fish that they caught earlier that day but also had several different feast type meals, one where it is cooked traditionally by being burried underground. Here are some pics of the views!

Next: Auckland!

Jan 15, 2011


I am completely in love with Sylvia Ji's paintings. They are creepy and stunning and really just amazing. Check out her site! Here are some of my favs

2011: The Year of Islands

Happy New year! I just returned from my new year adventure to Europe with my bezzie C. So as I was ringing in the new year of 2011 in a club in London called New Slang I realized that this is going to be a year chock full of islands for me.
Starting with Island #1: the United Kingdom
Obvi where I was for New Year, it was a bit dreary but it never seemed to legitimately rain- it just kind of drizzles. Photo 1- everything that is British. I love it fish and chips in a red double-decker on a grey day next to the Thames.  Photo 2- awesome graffiti at a skatepark downtown. Photo 3- more British things. Photo 4- an old US WWII airbase close to our friend Oli's place.

Island #2: Ireland
It was Ahhhmazing. We went to Cork and Dublin and I really want to go back in the spring or summer at some point to see the western coast around Galway.  There is a large national park around there too and I would looove to see it (picture when Hilary Swank is backpacking in P.S. I Love You). The Irish seem to be very proud of their old jails- the men at the hostels that we were at both said that they were the best attractions in each city. We went to the one in Cork and it was interesting but REALLY depressing. I highly recommend anyone going to Cork. Kissing the Blarney stone was awesome as well and the grounds around Blarney are beautiful. Dublin was so so,  but the Guinness factory was very interesting plus a pint and tasting is included in your ticket (about 9euros for students). I wish that we had had time for the whiskey factory as well but alas we did not.

The upcoming islands this year: Fiji,  New Zealand, and Australia. I can't wait!!!

Dec 26, 2010

50's Inspired Bridal Gown

Being modeled by the beautiful Sarah. Has also been tried on by me before going to see Black Swan with the bf because we thought it would be fitting costuming heh (he actually suggested I try it on, I think he may have had different motives). It is made out of an ivory satin and white tulle. Armhole princess seams, 3 layer bodice (fashion fabric, inner corset, and lining), 8 layer skirt (waaay too much it was a nightmare to sew), and a rosette on the waist. Woo.

In other news, I am leaving to see C, Steph, and Oli early tomorrow! I have everything packed and have to weigh it again but it's done! Eeeeeeeeee! I can't wait to see them! I haven't seen Steph or Oli since May and I haven't seen C since August.  Reunions are always the best

Dec 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Ok, so I've not done a post in a million years so I figured I would start up again. I had a completely wretched semester this fall with tons of work. Also I've been sick since October. Yayyyy! Although I think I've kicked it to the curb this time with a lovely zpack. It wasn't an all bad semester though, I did get spend time with my friends and the bf AND I'm going to be spending next semester in NEW ZEALAND. Yeah, dream. come. true. Oh and not to mention I am going to visit my love C in England and we're going to travel a bit together! I'm So Excited To See Her! So there is my life over the past semester.

As for Christmas, it has been a pleasant enough one, I am currently sitting and watching a Christmas Story which is just a classic. Love it. Last night was the mom's side of the family get together at which everyone was surprisingly sober other than my sister who got completely sloshed. Today my mum and I are stopping in to see the dad's side of the family and my grandmother. Then the immediate family is coming over for dinner and presents. It should be lovely.

On a side note, I was looking through my December Harper's for the first time last night and I was shocked to see the photos of Katy Perry! Who knew she could look to chic?

I was flabberghasted. She looks amazing. You can find the rest of the photos on Harper's website!  So that's all for today, I'm going to cozy up by the fire with my puppies :)  Ta for now

Sep 29, 2010

Bye Bye Summer

So fall is FINALLY here. The nights are crisp and Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes. This is absolutely my favorite season and I've been complaining about the heat for awhile now and I should state that I do love summer, just not after I move back south and there's no beach! So as a tribute to summer, here are a few pictures from my last day at the beach avec ma famille :)

Acrylic/Spray Paint

So I've finally finished my corset after 20+ hours working on it but unfortunately I was not able to get pictures of it before I had to turn it in so I will be sure to post some after it is graded!

So for now, here is a canvas that I have painted over approximately 5 times because I have never been completely satisfied with it and I'm not entirely sure if I am now.  I am leaving it alone for the time being and thinking about it; it's chilling on my living room wall.

It is painted with acrylic and has spray paint drips at the focal point. 

My favorite part of the whole painting is the bottom left corner (seen above).  It has a lot of depth in the color and a lovely visual texture that the camera didn't capture very well but it's there. Promise.

Next project: 1950s inspired wedding gown. Get excited.